Wellington, K.


“Labor for learning before you grow old, School Teacher Picfor learning is better than silver or gold. Silver and gold will vanish away, but a GOOD education will never decay.” Unknown

I’m so honored to be a part of the Eagle’s nest at Dunbar Elementary!!!! My name is Mrs. Wellington and I am a proud second grade teacher of the Grambling State University students. Originally from the beautiful island of Jamaica, I began my journey  as an educator  in Tennessee and Florida, and even across the globe to Ghana, West Africa.

Did I mention that I like to travel?

I have served as a first, third, fourth and fifth grade teacher in Title 1 schools and I recently became a Math Coach, working closely with teachers to help improve the performance of the students. However, in my siteen years of teaching and coaching, nothing compares to working hands on with students and watching them blossom into confident and high-achieving scholars.

I look forward to getting to know the students, parents and staff of my Dunbar family more and more each day as we collaborate and co-labor to prepare our students to be middle and high school graduates, college and career ready, and productive citizens of this ever-changing globe.

My doors are always open…..let’s make it a great school year!!

    • Hi Jaiden, of course I remember you!! I hope all is well in middle school and I can’t wait to hear of all the great things you will accomplish this year!

    • Hey Latavis
      So good to hear from you…
      How is middle school? As smart as you are, I know that you are earning all As. I hope you have a very successful year!

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