Marcano, S.

2020-2021 Class Roster


I originally graduated from Southern Illinois University in 2000.  Upon graduation I immediately obtained a position as a first grade teacher at Harding Elementary School in East Saint Louis, Il.  While at Harding I worked as a first, second, and fourth grade teacher.

After six years of teaching at Harding Elementary, the school was closed and the district erected Dr. Katie Harper Wright Elementary School.  I worked as a fourth grade teacher at Wright for 7 years and then decided to return to my first love of working with primary students.

I decided to move to Miles Davis Kindergarten Center after departing Wright and thoroughly enjoyed my teaching there. After 3 years the district again closed the doors of a school and I was placed at Dunbar Elementary.  I have worked as a first grade teacher at Dunbar and truly enjoy each day.  The joy I gain from teaching is priceless and hope to continue to grow professional while serving the community.

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