Kindergarten Happenings

April Kindergarten Happenings:  Pictures with the Easter Bunny

March Kindergarten Happenings: 

February Kindergarten Happenings:  Kindergartners are benefiting from a program through the University of Illinois Extension where they learn about various health related topics; such as effective hand washing and awareness of bodily organs and their functions.


January Kindergarten Happenings: Students celebrated the 100th day of school through different hands-on activities.


100th Day of School Celebration

(Mr. Kapros’ Class)

100th Day of School Celebration

(Mr. Kapros’ Class)


December Kindergarten Happenings

Casino Queen Fieldtrip

October/November Kindergarten Happenings

"Real Men Read"

“Real Men Read”
(American Education Week)

HBCU Rally

American Education Week (HBCU Rally)

Super Hero Day (American Education Week)

Dress up as your Favorite Super Hero

Hay Slide

Hay Slide at Releke Pumpkin Farm

Corn Maze

Going through the corn maze at Releke Pumpkin Farm

Pony rides at the Farm

Pony rides at Releke Pumpkin Farm


Kindergarten News


Kapros, A.

Blackmon, J.

Jones, R.


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