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Greetings! My name is Melissa Chatman-Norfleet. I am a 4th Grade teacher at Dunbar Elementary School. I teach English/Language Arts, and Social Studies. I have been working in the education field for 23 years.  I have taught in grades 1-8 and served as an administrator for 11 years.   I earned my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Eastern Illinois University in 1996.  My love for learning led me to pursue my Masters in Educational Administration. I graduated from Eastern Illinois University with my Masters in 2001. I truly believe my life’s purpose is to educate children as a whole; helping them to not only reach but move beyond their educational and lifelong goals. I am happy to have the opportunity to collaborate with a wonderful team of educators, parents, and students to fulfill our mission. Go Eagles!


October 15-19


Essential Question: What are some message?

Reading Skill – Theme

Reading Strategy – Ask and Answer Questions

Genre- Folk Tale

Vocabulary Words

  • attracted: drew the attention of
  • dazzling: something is so bright that it’s almost blinding
  • fabric: a material that is woven or knitted, such as cloth
  • greed: is a very great and selfish desire to have or get something.
  • honest: a person is truthful, fair, and trustworthy
  • requested:something is asked for
  • soared: something flew very high in the air
  • trudged: walk steadily and slowly

Spelling Words: Prefixes

unblock     recall       imperfect      overheat

unborn      relearn    indirect          subway

unchain    resell        incorrect        premix

unload      rewash      illegal            preplan

unlock      rewind      overact           supersize




Writing: Writing a Narrative Task


Social Studies

Unit 2 Lesson 2: Native Americans

Big Idea: 

Essential Question: 




*Read for at least 20 minutes


*Read for at least 20 minutes


*Read for at least 20 minutes


*Read for at least 20 minutes


*Read for at least 20 minutes







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  1. Savaud will not be attending school tomorrow nor Thursday. He has 2 doctors appointments that he must attend. The work that he will be missing out on can he have it Friday. I told him to tell his teachers he said he forgot

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