Akins, K.


Hello! My name is Kimmerly Akins.  I am a 4th grade ELA teacher at Dunbar Elementary School.

I decided at a very young age to become a teacher.  When I was in Kimelementary school, I began practicing my craft by tutoring my younger cousins.  Teaching has been a dream  come true for me.  I pursued my career by attending Southern Illinois University at Carbondale where I earned my bachelor’s degree in education.

Afterwards, I spent four and a half years working at the mental health center in East St. Louis, Illinois with children and adolescents.  Then I became a second grade teacher for nine years and a third grade teacher for one year.  Currently, this is my fifth year teaching fourth grade.

Also, while I was teaching second grade, I earned a master’s degree in education.  At present, I am continuing my education in reading and literacy.  For the past six years, it has been a privilege to educate students at Dunbar School.  I was educated in the East St. Louis School District.  I am excited about being able to support my hometown.   Since teaching is my passion and it has been such an enjoyable and rewarding experience, I plan to continue my career at Dunbar providing services to the community that served me.


For the week of November 13, 2017 – November 17, 2017,  we will be working on the activities listed below.  



Comprehension Skill– Determine the main idea and key details

Fluency– Students should be able to read 102 – 122 words correct per minute

Comprehension Strategy– Summarize

Genre– Expository Text

Vocabulary Strategy– Prefixes

Speaking and Listening – Engage in collaborative conversations about animal adaptations.


Phonics/Word Study

r – controlled vowels




dart, guard, award, background, argue, spark, target, smart, charge, carpet, warp, door, fort, morning, stork, cord, worn, stormy, core, bore



camouflaged, dribbles, extraordinary, poisonous, pounce, predator, prey, vibrations


Write to Sources

  • Write about the text
  • Write informational text
  • Write an explanatory essay

Writing Process

Explanatory Essay

Narrative Writing

Writing Paragraphs- A paragraph must include:

1.  A topic sentence (Indent the first line of this sentence)

2.  Three supporting detailed sentences

3.  A wrap it up sentence or concluding sentence

4.  All sentences must be complete sentences.


Possessive Nouns


Weekly Homework

Monday-Read for 30 minute, and complete the reading log.

Tuesday- Read for 30 minutes, and complete the reading log.

Wednesday-   Read for 30 minutes, and complete the reading log.

Thursday-   Read for 30 minutes, and complete the reading log.

Friday- Read for at least 30 minutes/day

Students should be practicing skills on www.connected.mcgraw-hill.com daily.


  1. Hi. Miss. Akins. This. Is. Somarie. I hope to see you soon you are the most extraordinary teacher and I hope to hear more about you from Samarie Robinson love you miss. Akins

  2. Hi mrs Akins i lve you and you are the best teachers i miss being in your class and i miss helping you and haveing partys and linsen to you saying things and you and mr tompson is the best 4 grade teacher i ever in my live and i remember wgen i saw you at that place

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