Akins, K.

Hello! My name is Kimmerly Akins.  I am a 4th grade ELA and Social Studies teacher at Dunbar Elementary School.

I decided at a very young age to become a teacher.  When I was in Kimelementary school, I began practicing my craft by tutoring my younger cousins.  Teaching has been a dream come true for me.  I pursued my career by attending Southern Illinois University at Carbondale where I earned my bachelor’s degree in education.

Afterward, I spent four and a half years working at the mental health center in East St. Louis, Illinois with children and adolescents.  Then I became a second-grade teacher for nine years and a third-grade teacher for one year.  Currently, this is my eighth year teaching fourth grade.

Also, while I was teaching second grade, I earned a master’s degree in education.  At present, I am continuing my education in reading and literacy.  For the past eight years, it has been a privilege to educate students at Dunbar School.  I was educated in the East St. Louis School District.  I am excited about being able to support my hometown.   Since teaching is my passion and it has been such an enjoyable and rewarding experience, I plan to continue my career at Dunbar providing services to the community that served me.

Akins Parent Welcome Letter

2020-2021Class Roster

Technology Guide For Students and Parents

SCHEDULES AND MEETING LINKS (Click on the schedule below for the meeting links; you MUST have a district-issued Chromebook for access.)


For the week of September 7, 2020 – September 11, 2020,  we will be working on the activities listed below.   




Comprehension Skill

RL.4.3 – Sequencing events

RL 4.1 Study Island – Textual Evidence in literature

Fluency– Students should be able to read 102 – 122 words correct per minute

Comprehension Strategy– Reread

Genre– Fairytales

Vocabulary Strategy– Synonyms

Speaking and Listening – Engage in collaborative conversations about clever ideas

Essential Questions – Where do good ideas come from?


Phonics/Word Study

short vowels

inflectional endings




flat, cash, band, bell, left, shelf, wealth, grim, mill, hint, plot, dock, blot, odd, sum, plum, bluff, crunch, build, gym












Write to Sources

  • W.4.9 – Write about the text, Cite evidence

Writing Process


Restate the question.

Answer the question.

Cite text evidence.

Explain your thinking.

Sum it up.

Writing Paragraphs- A paragraph must include:

1.  A topic sentence (Indent the first line of this sentence)

2.  Three supporting detailed sentences

3.  A wrap it up statement or concluding statement

4.  Write complete sentences


Complete sentences


Weekly Homework

Monday- Friday

Read for 20 minutes on MYON

Study spelling and vocabulary words

Practice reading fluency


Students should practice skills on Exact Path and Study Island daily.


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