1st Grade Happenings

2020-2021 Class Rosters

Brock, T.

Gregory, K.

Marcano, S.

Crawford, C.

Jennings, M.

newsletter1 8-19-19

Annual Parent-Teacher- Student compact form. Please sign and return to school with your child.

This week your child will be taking the fall session of NWEA testing. Please make sure that your child is present and on time for school. Thanks in advance for your support.

newsletter2 8-26-19

newsletter1 9-2 2019

newsletter1 9-09 2019

newsletter 9-16-19

newsletter 9-23-19

newsletter 9-30-19

newsletter 10-7-19

newsletter 10-14-19

newsletter 10-21-2019

newsletter 10-28-19

newsletter 11-4-19

Parents, please follow the link below to complete the 5 essentials survey. This is the annual survey issued by the state to rate our school in important areas. Your feedback helps us to improve the culture and climate of the school. Thanks in advance for your feedback and support.

5 essentials parent survey

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